Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blogging Tip: Encouraging the Pinner to Go Back to the Original Source

I just discovered an easier way to encourage the pinner to go back to the original source.....completely prevent the pin to begin with.  Jessi from Practically Functional shows you how to use the nopin attribute in the image tag to make a photo un-pinnable!  You can also use this code to stop photographs of your family from being pinned.

I've read many recent posts about bloggers' love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  One concern is when their image is featured on another blog.   Often Pinterest credit is given to that site instead of their own if the pinner does not go back to the original source to pin.

I would like to share my little trick to ensure that other bloggers' images featured on my blog are pinned from the original post.  It all has to do with the image alt attribute in the html.  When I use another blogger's image in my post, the alt attribute states the source and a little reminder to pin from the original post.  For example:  Encouraging the Pinner to go back to the Original Post

In addition, I put a link back to the original post directly under the image so it is only a click away for the pinner.  

To change the alt attribute in the blogger compose screen:
-  Click on the image
-  A blue box will pop up, click on Properties
-  Type your text in the alt text box and hit OK  Encouraging the Pinner to go back to the Original Post

Now, when the image is pinned from your blog, Pinterest will fill in the description with the alt text.  Hopefully the pinner notices the reminder message and goes back to the original source to pin.  Encouraging the Pinner to go back to the Original Post

What do you think?  Do you have any other tips and tricks?


  1. Thanks! Didn't even notice the properties button LOL! Much appreciated and will try it!

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I will use this tip. I am very much interested in ensuring artists get credit for their work and put notices on all my linky party features to please visit the artist's blog if you want to pin. Not everyone does that, so I love this tip!

    Would you consider linking up to my Blog Tips Cafe linky party? I'd love to feature this one!!!
    <3 Christina

  3. Great tips, thank you!! Checked out Jessi's post and will implement her tips, too! :)

  4. This is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing this. :)