Friday, June 15, 2012

Dollar Store Solar Nightlights  Dollar Store Solar Nightlights

Here is another quick and simple craft you can do with the solar garden lights from the dollar store. My daughters needed new nightlights, so we made these together.

I removed the stakes from my garden lights and placed each of them in a glass candle holder with the LED up, similar to a tealight.  Because the solar cell is upside down, a candle holder with a thick glass base is required so that sunlight can reach the cell. We used the 4" Rocks Glass Candleholder from Dollar Tree.  Dollar Store Solar Nightlights

Next I had the girls paint vellum paper with watercolors.  Juju drew a flower garden scene with black crayon and then painted it.  Watercolors on Vellum  Watercolors on Vellum

When their paintings had dried, I measured and then cut pieces to fit inside the candle holders using pinking scissors.  I used a small piece of tape to secure the ends together.  Done and ready to charge in the window!  Dollar Store Solar Nightlights

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  1. Amazeballs! :D Off to pinterest you go, precious little post, to amaze even more people. I will do this with the wee ones, and I have just had the brilliant idea to do it with my Mum when she comes over for her annual visit, too. It'll be such a great keepsake for her to take home, we can both look at the lights at night and remember that even though we live in different countries now, we are still close to each other!