Friday, January 25, 2013

Icy Epsom Salt Luminaries

Craftiments:  Icy Epsom Salt Luminaries

After making my No-Glue Epsom Salt Luminary, I wanted to experiment with growing larger salt crystals. The problem was that surface tension caused the salt solution to bead up on the glass. Fortunately the answer was sitting right next to my kitchen sink. A squirt of dish soap is all that was needed to break the surface tension and allow the crystals to spread. Just a few tweaks to the original method and I was able to create these beautiful "icy" luminaries!

Craftiments:  Icy Epsom Salt Luminaries

Would you like to try? It's really easy, I promise.

  • Jars, bottles, vases, candle holders, anything glass will work
  • small bowl
  • 1/4 cup Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate)
  • 1/4 cup hot tap water
  • dish soap
  • foam brush or sponge


Thoroughly wash and dry your glass. The salt will not stick if it is greasy. Pour the water into the bowl, add the Epsom salt, and stir until it is dissolved. You may have to microwave the solution for a few seconds to help it along. Gently stir in 3-4 drops of dish soap, being careful not to make it bubble up.

Soak a foam brush or sponge in the salt solution and squeeze it out slightly. Wipe the solution on the glass to evenly coat it. Too much is better than too little. If it is dripping, set the glass on paper towel, but do not try to wipe the excess off. Let it dry thoroughly and resist the urge to touch because you will disturb the crystal growth.

{Handle your finished creation gently. The crystals may scratch off if you are too rough with it}

It is interesting to watch the Epsom salt crystals grow, so grab the kids and turn it into an education experience! This is a closeup of the crystals, aren't they gorgeous?

Craftiments:  Closeup of Epsom salt crystals

I placed heart shaped stickers on the larger luminary before I applied the salt solution. I absolutely love the shadows made on the wall when it is lit!

Craftiments:  Epsom salt luminary with made using heart stickers as a mask
Craftiments:  Epsom salt luminary casts heart shaped shadows on wall

A couple more shots....

Craftiments:  Icy Epsom salt luminary
Craftiments:  Icy Epsom Salt Luminaries

I've had so much fun playing with Epsom salt.  My husband and I recently purchased a stereo microscope for the girls.  I think our first experiment will be growing epsom salt crystals on a glass plate while observing it through the microscope!


  1. I LOVE this!!!!!! Pinned to try:) Stop by

  2. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  3. These are gorgeous, and would look fantastic on the patio at our Micro Farm. So glad I saw this on the Mad Skills Link-Up.

  4. Sooo cool. I meant to try this for Christmas and just didn't get to it. Love the results! Lisa...found you through Crafty Blog Stalker link party.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! I now have a use for all the little jars I have kept...hoping to find a good use for them.

    I know what I will be doing one weekend very soon!


    Oh, I discovered your blog while hopping the Freedom Friday Blog Hop :-)

  6. I'm so doing this! How simple. Never knew!

  7. I have never seen anything like this. So gorgous! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  8. Beautiful! Love the shadows on the wall too! Love your technique :)

  9. Just shared on Facebook and pinned:)

    Thanks for sharing at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop and thank you for being one of my Five Faves!

    Have an awesome day!!

  10. I am so excited about this!!! How wonderfully clever! So much better than the spray on crystals of who know what ingredients! And I much prefer it to the salt itself being glued to the surface as that fall off all over everything!

    Thank you so much! I am going to have fun with this one!!!

  11. I've never heard of doing it this way, only with using glue. What a super way to do it though. I'm going to try this soon and get the kiddos in on this experiment. Too cool!

  12. Do you apply the salt solution to the inside or outside of the glass?

  13. How do you protect the surface when you are done? Can it be sealed somehow?

  14. How long does it take for the crystals to grow? Just until it's dry?

  15. Can this be sprayed with a clear coating to hold it?