Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Decor with a Hint of Valentine's Day

Craftiments:  Winter Decor with a Hint of Valentine's Day

Last week I shared my Snowy White Winter Mantel.  Today I want to give you a quick peek at the rest of my winter decor.  I am not one to go overboard on the Valentine's Day decorations, preferring to add a touch of red here and a few hearts there.  This makes it simple to change out after February 14th and I need all the simplifying I can get.

On top of the hutch, I re-used some trees from my Christmas decor. I included three glittered tree-shaped candy jars and a thrifted ceramic Christmas tree. When I bought it the paint was badly chipped and most of the lights missing, so I spray painted it silver and placed red berries in the holes.

Craftiments:  Glittered tree-shaped candy jars, thrifted ceramic Christmas tree, heart garland

The heart garland is made from a felted wool sweater.  I cut the hearts by hand and strung them together with embroidery thread.

Craftiments:  Heart garland made from felted wool sweater

On one of the end tables I placed another glittered tree-shaped candy jar, a milk glass dish filled with silver, sequined balls and an apothecary jar containing a miniature winter scene.

Craftiments:  Glittered tree-shaped candy jar, milk glass dish of sequined balls, miniature winter scene in an apothecary jar

On the shelf.....a vase of berries, a few pine cones and a heart wreath.

Craftiments:  Vase of berries and heart wreath

And finally, on the coffee table I placed a vase of snowy branches and a milk glass dish filled with pinecones.  The branches were collected from my backyard and have a mixture of epsom salt and glitter glued to them.  I used more epsom salt in the vase to hold the branches upright.  I decorated the branches with a few hearts that I pulled from my Christmas ornaments and will replace them with snowflake ornaments after Valentine's Day.

Craftiments:  Epsom salt and glitter branches with heart ornaments and milk glass dish of pinecones

With the exception of the heart garland and wreath, everything came from my existing stash of Christmas decorations.  So before you go shopping for winter and Valentine's Day decor, look in your boxes of Christmas trimmings, you may already have what you need!


  1. This is really really cute. I am in love with the winter valentines look.


  2. I love how you incorporated the red in with the winter. It is very pretty!
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  3. That's right, Kristin, but isn't it more fun to shop for this stuff? ha ha hha. Love what you posted and love the red hearts on the branches. Beautiful! Have a great weekend... thinking up new stuff for next week. Linda

  4. Really cute! Thank you for sharing this with Show Your Stuff.