Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Earth Day Sewing - Scalloped Hem Gauchos

Craftiments:  Girls' gauchos refashioned from adult clothing

This past weekend I spent a few hours recycling old clothes into fun spring gauchos for the girls.

Miss Imp's pants were made out of Grandma's gingham skirt.  This was my first attempt at sewing a scalloped hem and I am pleased with how nice they came out.  Figuring out the scallop pattern took some time, but sewing them up was a breeze.

Craftiments:  Scalloped hem gauchos made with fabric repurposed from an old skirt

The main fabric on Miss JuJu's gauchos came from Daddy's dress shirt.  My husband has the bad habit of not wearing a lab coat and ends up with stains and tiny acid holes in many of his shirts. But it's not a total loss because I can usually salvage enough fabric to make something for one of the girls.

Craftiments:  Girls gauchos made with fabric repurposed from Daddy's dress shirt

Have a happy Earth Day!

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